Theres no better time than early spring to have your gutters cleaned. Gutters keep rainwater from reaching your homes foundation and creating cracks. When they are unobstructed for extended periods of time, they cant serve as an effective barrier. Regular gutter cleanings will go a long way toward keeping the outside of your home looking beautiful and protecting its structure for years to come.

Common issues found in gutter systems

Gutters drain rain water to down spouts, rather than letting it fall directly to the soil next to your homes foundation where it can seep into the concrete. Water that isnt caught in gutters would flow freely from the roof onto the soil next to your home, where it would then seep into cracks in the foundation.

As the seasons change, leaves, twigs and dirt will find their way inside the gutter and collect. Overflows are the most common result of clogged gutters. Water flowing into the foundations cracks leads to erosion, thanks to the pieces of concrete that are chipped off with each stream that passes by.

A major threat of clogged gutters is the heavy weight that is added to them. Gutters attach to roofs with fasteners that are designed to hold up the weight of the pipe, with small amounts of water. A common result of too much weight loading down gutters is fasteners that have pulled away from the roof. Damaged gutters make your home look bad from the outside and threaten its entire structural integrity.

Tips for cleaning your gutters

Homeowners who try to tackle gutter cleanings on their own usually end up frustrated. If youre one of those homeowners, it might be worth it to you to call in a professional to clean your gutters. The professionals at The Fireplace Doctor can help you avoid the hassle of gutter cleaning this spring by taking the task off your hands.

Our professional-grade equipment removes leaves, twigs and any other debris that has settled inside your gutters. Part of the professional gutter cleaning process is a thorough inspection of the system to check for potential leaks and residues left behind from the debris. The final step is a test of the system using a water hose to ensure water flows freely through the gutters entire length.

Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year. The perfect times for gutter cleanings are early spring and late fall. There are many advantages to having a professional care for your gutter system. Rather than just performing a basic cleaning, technicians can inspect your gutters to ensure they are structurally sound.

The safety risks associated with cleaning gutters are minimized when you rely on a professional technician. Professionals will utilize the proper techniques to minimize the risks involved with climbing on top of roofs and ladders. Gutter cleaning doesnt have to be a stress in your life when you rely on the technicians at The Fireplace Doctor.